Budget Office

  1. What are your priorities? City sets dates for budget input discussions

    Feb. 3, 2017 - Hampton City Manager Mary Bunting wants to hear from Hampton residents as she and her team begin to develop budgets -- both capital and operating -- that will carry the city through the next fiscal year and beyond. Read on...
  2. City Manager offers overview of city budget, takes questions

    Feb. 22, 2017 - In the first of three public input sessions intended to guide formation of the city's budget for the next year, City Manager Mary Bunting offered citizens a look at the process and took questions and comments. Read on...

Budget Office

Establishes and maintains a comprehensive budget system and provides financial management information to the city manager and City Council so that sound financial decisions can be made. In addition, the Budget Office prepares the annual operating and capital budgets for submission by the city manager to the City Council.

Budget information for Fiscal Year 2017

Previous years' budgets

Capital Improvement Plan

This is a five-year schedule for maintenance of public property, master plan initiatives, neighborhood support, education, economic development and other major improvements that support making Hampton the “Most Livable Community in Virginia”

The first year of the plan becomes part of the city manager’s recommended budget each year. The other years serve as guidelines and goals for the future. The final plan has to be approved by City Council.