Taxes, Online Services & Forms

  1. Assessments & Collections

    Use these online services to help with assessment and collection business needs.

  2. Business Forms, Taxes & Information

    Find information pertaining to assessments and collections necessary for businesses.

  3. Boat License Fees

    A license fee is required on every privately owned motorized boat or watercraft used for recreational purposes only & privately owned non-motorized pleasure boats used for recreational purposes only.

  4. Dog and Cat Licenses

    Access information regarding the licenses that Hampton requires for your pets to live in the city.

  5. State Taxes

    Be sure to know about all of the state tax obligations.

  6. Stormwater Fees

  7. Tax Appeals, Refunds & Relief

    Learn about the tax appeal process, refunds and relief programs.

  8. Taxes

    Use these resources to learn about taxes in general.

  9. Pay Taxes Online

  10. Passport Services

    The Hampton Treasurer’s Office is an official Passport Acceptance Agency. Services include passport books, passport cards and passport photos.

  11. Vehicle License Fees

    Learn about license fees for cars, light trucks and trailers.