Hampton Home Repair Blitz

Neighborhood Housing Blitz 2.jpgThe City of Hampton, Habitat for Humanity, Hampton Redevelopment & Housing Authority, along with many volunteers, will help elderly, disabled, low income homeowners to make repairs to the outside of their homes.

We assist homeowners with:

  • Outdoor Painting (Siding, Windows, Shutters)
  • Outside Repairs (Steps, Gutters, Fence)
  • Yard Cleanup and Trimming
  • Power Washing & Debris Removal
All labor & materials are provided by community sponsors and volunteers free or at minimal cost to eligible homeowners. Please see pay scale below:

 COST OF Homeowner  REPAIR Repayment
$1 - $25.00 100%
$26 - $100   $25.00 
 $101 - $500  $50.00 
 $501 or more $100.00

The next Blitz will be in the North Phoebus Neighborhood and will be held on Saturday, May 6, 2017.


  1. Applicants must be a Hampton homeowner that is either over 62 years old, disabled OR low-income.
  2. Applicants must own their own homes and provide proof of homeowner’s insurance.
  3. Applicants who only qualify under the income requirement must contact the Marybrook Burchfield or Darren Robinson for more information at (757) 727-6140.