Phillippines.jpgChairman: Vangil Wright
Co-Chairperson: Estrella Claudio
Organization: FilAm Center at Old Dominion University
Contact Number: 757.683.3233 or 757.325.0035
Other volunteers: Dr. Araceli Suzara, Estrella Claudio, SueAnn Barros, Michelle Beltran, John Beltran and PYC Youth
Theme: Philippine Fiesta
Entertainment: Philippine Native Dances

"Nowhere else in the World, except for the Philippines, can Jeepneys be found. It is uniquely Filipino in it's approach to the mass transit problem. Nothing symbolizes Filipino ingenuity, innovativeness, adaptability, and grit more than this gutsy, cocky, colorful vehicle."

Rice terraces in the mountains above the town of Banawe. Carved out of the mountains over 2000 years ago, these rice fields are considered the eighth wonder of the ancient world. These fields have recently been prepared for planting. Young seedling rice is grown in a cluster in one section of the field. It is then pulled up and individual plants are placed in the mud at intervals of five to six inches apart.

Join us for a "Pabitin" celebration!

"Pabitin is a square trellis where goodies (candies, fruits, etc.) are hung by strings. This trellis in turn is tied to a rope and is suspended on a strong branch or pole. The children gather under the trellis and they jump as high as they can to try to pick the goodies as the trellis gets lowered to them while someone pulls it up and down repeatedly until the goodies are gone."

We plan to have 4 pabitin sessions. We'll post the schedule outside our tent.