Hampton study site

Newmarket Creek areaThe road to a Dutch Dialogue in Hampton Roads began in 2008 when the City of Norfolk awarded the local office of Fugro Atlantic – a well-respected Dutch geotechnical engineering firm – a project to conduct a city-wide evaluation of coastal flooding risks.

The opportunity to conduct a Dutch Dialogue in Hampton Roads was first discussed in June, 2012 during meetings between Norfolk City and Royal Netherlands Embassy staff. In April, 2014 Norfolk proposed a broader Hampton Roads approach, and thus the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission (HRPDC) became a crucial partner.

HRPDC has since introduced the concept to its membership, and hosted Embassy staff and their partners from New Orleans to the region. HRPDC received many positive responses, and twenty potential focal areas were identified throughout the region.

Over the past 4 months, the focal areas were narrowed by HRPDC, Embassy staff, and others.

Hampton's Newmarket Creek will be one of two areas studied, with the focus on two areas (right). Norfolk's Tidewater Drive District is the other area.