Love Your City Event Grants

Purpose of the Funds

Love Your City Event Grants are intended to support the start of new events that have not been done in the City before. Goals of the program include bringing new event ideas, in partnership with local organizations (co-creators) to enhance the quality of life of Hampton residents and visitors through quality public gatherings.

A presentation by City Manager Mary Bunting provides an overview of place-making.  The City of Hampton is currently looking to enhance place-making in our vibrant community.  The Love Your City Event grant program is part of this effort.  The goal includes bringing new ideas, in partnership with local organizations (co-creators) to enhance the quality of life of Hampton residents and visitors through quality public gatherings.

Eligible Applicants

The Grant process is open to non-profit organizations with a designated tax exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code, and projects must be nonsectarian in nature. 

*The FY18 Love Your City Grant funding will be $30,000 to be distributed during two cycles (Winter Deadline: August 31, 2017) and (Summer Deadline: February 23, 2018), however funding may be awarded in one cycle.

Eligible Projects

Love Your City Event Grant projects may entail a wide range of activities that are new to the City, built on strengths of the community, inclusive of a broad range of audiences, and further the strategic objectives of the City in becoming a place of choice to live, work and play. Organizations are encouraged to think creatively about what will be a successful, manageable event, and with whom they may partner to accomplish their work while applying the Love Your City Event component.

Grants are intended to be “seed money” to help establish a new event and attract audiences for that event. The same or almost identical events that have been held in the last five years within the City are not eligible to apply for this grant.

Size of Event: This is a grant program intended for smaller events that occur in one day attracting less than 5,000 people (attendance parameters are determined by location and special event permitting requirements). Organizations wishing to partner with the City on larger multi-day events are encouraged to contact the Parks, Recreation and Leisure Services Department or the City Manager’s Office to explore ideas. The initiative should address an existing concern (e.g., prevention, Citizen involvement and action, public education and awareness, beautification, etc.), or provide new, never-seen-before additions to the City's existing programs--new events, exposure to new arts, legacy projects, and eye-opening experiences and lasting impressions designed to encourage everyone "Choose Hampton."

Grant Review Criteria

Final approval of grant applications is decided by City Council. The Neighborhood Commission’s Community Appearance, Pride and Image Committee will make recommendations to City Council as to whether an application should be approved.