Development Opportunities - Strategic Master Plan Investment Areas

In 2003, Hampton City Staff identified six strategic areas (Buckroe, Coliseum Central, Downtown Hampton, Kecoughtan, King Street and Phoebus) that would benefit from developing a unique roadmap for future development known as a Master Plan. Over a period of four years, six master plans were developed with input from businesses, residents, civic groups and other community stakeholders.

Each Master Plan outlines an approach to street networks, open space, waterfront access, land use, housing and commercial development. The vision for the future is represented by a series of drawings and illustrations that allow residents, visitors, and investors to visualize the kind of place those areas will become once the plan is implemented.

Once the plans were approved by the Planning Commission and adopted by City Council, appropriations for associated public infrastructure projects are undertaken.

In addition to new public investments, the private sector has begun to invest in projects within these strategic areas. Unique development and business opportunities continue to take shape in these areas where the City has developed a long-range vision and commitment.

To learn more about each of the Master Plans click on the title of the plan of interest. This information is updated regularly to reflect progress on the planning and implementation process.

Fort Monroe

The Fort Monroe Authority and National Park Service are both undergoing master planning processes. For more information on their master planning efforts, see here and here.