History & Mission

Responding to the challenge of unity:
  • By identifying and monitoring trends that impact diversity issues
  • By increasing public awareness about diversity issues and concerns
  • By promoting the value of racial respect, understanding and harmony
  • By providing forums and programs to address citizen's concerns around diversity issues
  • By working to create a dialogue among cultural and racial groups
  • By working to dispel myths and misperceptions about various groups

The Citizen's Unity Commission wants to foster understanding and respect for racial and cultural harmony in Hampton. We do this through a 20-member commission appointed by the Hampton City Council. Commissioners are volunteers who represent racial and cultural groups and communities in the city.

The original mission for the Citizens' Unity Commission was to foster racial and cultural harmony for the citizens of Hampton. Gradually our mission was changed to meet the vision of the City of Hamptons' Community Plan of Healthy Diverse Community. We have learned that the best way to address racial and cultural issues is through citizen involvement. Therefore, the Unity Commission develops opportunities for citizens to interact and explore their similarities and differences through dialogue and experiences.

We rely on the time, talents and skills of a broad base of community volunteers to help us break down the racial and cultural barriers in our city.


In 1995, the Hampton City Council appointed a group of citizens to look at diversity issues within the city. Two years and several studies later, this group, called the Citizens' Unity Commission I, recommended that the city establish an ongoing community based advisory group to carry this group's diversity work forward. As a result, the current Citizens' Unity Commission was created and charged with identifying diversity issues and facilitating positive interaction among citizens.

The Citizens' Unity Commission consists of two groups appointed by Hampton City Council. The "proactive component" is a 20 member commission responsible for providing diverse programs and services to the community. The "reactive component" is a 17-member group providing Hampton citizens with credible leaders to review incidents that threaten Hampton's racial and cultural harmony. Both components consist of citizens who reflect the racial and cultural diversity in Hampton.