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Posted on: September 12, 2017

BayShore at Buckroe Beach: The 1960s - Saturday, September 23, 5-8 pm

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Event organizer Reginald Robinson presents “Bayshore at Buckore Beach: A Ball of Confusion, the 1960s,” a special evening with a book signing, nostalgic displays and plenty of memories of Bayshore Beach, once the premier resort for African-Americans to relax on the Chesapeake Bay during Jim Crow segregation, at the Hampton History Museum on Saturday, September 23, 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Admission is free and open to the public.

Prior to 6:00 p.m., there will be a book signing by author Jeanette Britt from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Starting at 6:00 p.m., scheduled speakers will discuss their thoughts about Bayshore during the 1960s. The class of 2017 Bayshore at Buckroe Beach Hall Of Fame will be inducted, and the first Charles H. Williams award of leadership will be presented.

The public is invited to join in the discussion about the rich history of the World Famous Bayshore Beach resort, in its day the largest Black owned vacation destination catering to Blacks in the Mid-Atlantic area on the east coast, and the effects the 1960's had on its demise, and view the collection of rare, original Bayshore Beach artifacts.  


This is a public discussion about Bayshore and the effects of the 1960's on Bayshore and the people involved to aide in the discussion are scheduled to appear four dynamic and interesting guest speakers who will share their own personal thoughts about Bayshore during the 1960's: Charles Lockwood Jr., son of the founder of C.W. Lockwood and Sons Inc., General Construction and Engineering;  Darryl Randolph, formerly of South Richmond graduate of Armstrong High School and graduate of H.I. class of 61; noted author and poet Jeanette Britt, author of such titles as Pickin Ground, Dipped in Fire, Living in the Seventh Day and many other notable works, a graduate of University of Michigan and Fisk, a native of Eufaula, Alabama;  Samuel Scott, former chief engineer Newport News Redeployment and Housing Authority, Assistant Director for structures at NASA Langley Research, and former senior design/weapons test manager at Newport News ship building, scripture research and nonprofits consultant, and the last surviving full-time lifeguard to have worked at Bayshore.  The evening’s invocation will be given by Donzella Maupin, Hampton University Museum Archives Manager.  

Bayshore at Buckroe Beach Hall of Fame

During the two-hour program witness the 2nd presentation of the Bayshore at Buckroe Beach Hall of Fame 2017 inductions, this year’s honorees are: James and F.C. Britt, proprietors of Night and Day Market, and one of the many concession stands located at Bayshore Beach; Charles W. Lockwood Sr., founder of Lockwood and Sons Construction, and the man responsible for many of the structures built at Bayshore Beach;  officer Thomas Martin, City of Hampton police officer and a special officer at Bayshore who is credited with never having to draw his weapon while on duty;  Walter T. Jones, educator and member of the board of directors and manager of the New Bayshore Corporation,  who aided president Charles H. Williams with the assistance from other stockholders, to buy out those refusing to further invest in the company;  Hampton's own living Legend Jap Curry, musician, composer bandleader, and maestro with hits such as “Hey Now,” “One More Drink,” “All The Way Home” and countless others.    

Charles H. Williams Award of Leadership

The festivities continue with the presentation of the 1st Charles H. Williams Award of Leadership given in honor of Charles H. Williams, born in Kentucky he entered Hampton Institute in 1905 graduating in 1909. He went on to earn a Bachelor of P.E. from Springfield College 1924, and Master of Ed from Harvard 1930, and was the Hampton Institute director of physical Training 1910 to 1951, and father of modern dance.  A charter member of the 1/4 century club of Hampton Institute and member of the A.T.A, N.S.H.A., serving on the board of trustees 1954 to 1969 at Hampton Institute and was the founding father of the CIAA in 1912, a man of great resourcefulness, creative imagination and dedicated devotion to the students and the residents of Hampton.  An astute businessman operating and improving Bayshore as president and general manager for 43 years and purchasing 12 acres of land on Gayle Street to become a residential area for some 25 black families and many more accomplishments. It is with great pride that this award be given every year in honor of Charles H. Williams winner will be announced at the program.  

Admission is Free and Seating is Limited. For information about the event call Reginald Robinson of Bayshore Memories at 804/365-2106 or e-mail at juju.l.Leonard@comcast.net.  Like us on Facebook at Bayshore memories @ Bayshore Beach Memories. For directions or information about the venue, call the Hampton History Museum and Hampton Visitor Center at 757/727-1102.

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