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Storage Fires
Fighting Storage Fires
The following are types of small fires that occur in storage areas and how to fight them:
  • Oil-Soaked Rags- Dry out rags by spreading in a well-ventilated room so heat can escape, then wash. Never put oily rags in a pile because they can ignite themselves. Store in labeled, metal containers, sealed with a tight lid.
  • Charcoal- Store unused charcoal in a cool, dry place because damp charcoal can ignite itself. Use a metal pail or garbage can with a tight lid and place in open space where heat can escape if self-ignition should occur.
  • Flammable Liquids- Never use or store in a room with a pilot light, or too close to hot light bulbs because vapors in the air can easily ignite. Store in a cool, dry room in labeled, metal containers with a tight lid.
  • Stack of Newspapers- Avoid storing in a damp, warm place because newspapers generate heat and can ignite themselves. Store in a cool dry place at least 3 feet away from any heat-generating source, such as a pilot light.
  • Small Storage Fires- Use Type ABC extinguisher for rags, charcoal, liquids solvents, hair spray/glue and newspaper.