Adopting Your Spot

By Adopting Your Spot

By adopting your spot in the city:

  • You are attaching a more personal identity to the site - the name of your organization, family or your own name.
  • You add a sense of ownership to a site people looked at previously as belonging to no one.
  • You keep litter from accumulating, which should reduce the amount of litter accumulating.
  • You and your group members are not people who are paid to pick up litter - you are "regular people" just like the litterers - and that sense of community will make people think twice about littering.

Other Benefits

Feeling good is just part of it, though. You will be making a significant contribution to the City of Hampton. In the past five years, Adopt-A-Spot volunteers contributed more than 20,000 hours of their time in helping to clean up the city. That's 2,500-plus days worth of litter cleanup that allowed the Parks and Recreation Department staff to turn their attention to other tasks. By working together, we stretch our resources while showing our pride in our city.

You Can Participate

Currently about 100 individuals and organizations participate in the Adopt-A-Spot Program. Available Adopt-A-Spot sites range from the street in front of your house, to the nearest park, to the major thoroughfares of our city. We have posted our list of sites that need adoption, but we couldn't list all the possible sites available. Virtually any public area is open for adoption, with a few exceptions. For your convenience we are providing an Adopt-A-Spot contract and safety information (PDF) for your immediate use. Spread the word with this Adopt-A-Spot Brochure (PDF)!

Request Information

The basic guidelines of the program are simple, and the rewards are many. Won't you please join us? For more information or for an Adopt-A-Spot packet, fill out the request form and you will receive information by email or mail.