Pier Permit Fees

Pier permit fees are determined based on the project.

Permit price may vary depending on circumstances of the project. Please call 757-728-2444 for more information and remember to bring a copy of the survey or plat with you.

You may download the Commercial permit application or Residential permit application and submit it into the Development Services Center Office located on the 3rd floor of City Hall in downtown Hampton.

Please note: Because of flood zone/building plan requirements, engineered plans may be necessary.

Additional Information

Please note that Building Code requires engineered plans for pier projects located in VE and Coastal A flood zones. Click here to determine your flood zone. If you need assistance understanding your flood zone or have questions about what it means, please call 757-727-8311 or email 311@hampton.gov. In addition to a Building Permit, a separate Joint Permit Application, required for any work in or near tidal/or non-tidal waters, shores, or wetlands, must be completed and approved prior to issuance of a Building Permit. Residential piers which permit the free flow of the tide beneath them often do not require a Wetland permit, but that will be determined during review of the submitted JPA.

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