List of Volunteers

When you travel down a clean street, see small trees growing beside clean waterways, or hear a child mention Michael Recycle, think of these volunteers. The Hampton Clean City Commission wants to express its deepest appreciation to them, and we encourage you to thank them when you meet them.

Hampton is a cleaner and greener city because of the efforts of these individuals and groups:
  • A: Abbitt Realty, Acorn Point Neighborhood, Alcoa Howmet Castings, Alternatives Inc., ARC of the Virginia Peninsula, Armstrong Elementary After School Program, Asbury Elementary School
  • B: Jim and Margaret Bartlett, Bassette Elementary School, Bellgrade Good Neighbors, Bluebird Gap Farm Arboretum, Booker Elementary School, Boy Scouts of America Troop 303, Branscome Inc., Buckroe Civic Association, Burbank Elementary School, Burbank Elementary School Ecology Club, Marilyn and Rich Burney
  • C: Cary Elementary School, Coliseum Central, Countryside Gardens, Kendyl Crawford, Cub Scouts Troop 19
  • E: East Hampton Kayak Club, Elizabeth Lake Estates Morning Walkers, Elizabeth Lake Estates Garden Club, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, Exchange Club of Wythe
  • F: The Family Learning Project, Fladger Family, Forrest Elementary School, Fox Hill Neighbors, Friends of Bluebird Gap Farm, Friends of Feral Felines
  • G: Girls Inc.
  • H: Hampton Administrative Support Group, Hampton Alumnae Chapter Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Hampton Citizens Police Academy Alumni Volunteers, Hampton Clean City Commission Litter Awareness Committee Members, Hampton Coliseum Staff, Hampton Master Gardeners, Hampton Parks and Recreation Department, Hampton Public Works, Hampton Roads Networking Exchange, Hampton Senior Center, Hampton Shores Neighbors, Hampton Steam-Generating Refuse-Fired Facility (Steam Plant), Hampton University, Hampton University Honors College, Hampton University SEEDS Biology Club Ecology Interest Group, the Hasselquist Family, Paul and Tamara Hicks, Howe Farms Community Cleanup
  • I: International Children's Festival
  • J: Jack Rezabek and Corlease Sills, Jones Magnet Middle School Gifted Civics Class
  • K: Kecoughtan High School National Honor Society, Kecoughtan High School Ecology Club, Kecoughtan High School Science Club
  • L: LaCrosse Memorial Presbyterian Church, Langley Air Force Base, Langley Air Force Base 1 CMS Hydraulic Shop, Langley Air Force Base 735th Supply Chain Management Group (SCMG) Airman's Council, Langley Air Force Base Honor Guard, Langley Air Force Base Jacobs Sverdrup Technical Engineering and Acquisition Support (TEAS) Group, Langley Air Force Base Lab Phase II Students, Langley Elementary School, Langley Emerging Professionals Committee (LEPC)
  • M: Machen Elementary School, Mallory Pride Group, Mary Peake Fourth Graders, McDonald Garden Center, Mercury Mulch, Mid Atlantic Paddlers Association, Mill Point Community Association, Moton Early Childhood Development Center, John Moyer
  • N: The Neselrod Family, Northampton Community Center, Northampton Community Center After-School Program, #1 Stunnas Motorsport Club Virginia Chapter
  • O: Old Point National Bank
  • P: The Parker Family, Melanie and Molly Paul, Peninsula Networking Exchange Club, Peninsula Pathfinders, Phi Beta Sigma Beta Gamma Chapter, Phoebus High School Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA), Phoebus United Methodist Men, Phoebus Woman's Club
  • R: The Reichenbachs, Riverdale Regional Civic Association
  • S: S and R Brock, Saint Joseph Youth Group, Sam Endicott's Molly Lake Chronicles, Rolland Schattschneider, Smith Elementary School, Smith Family of Baker's Farm, Sons of Confederate Veterans Magruder-Ewell Camp 99, Spectrum
  • T: Tidewater Fibre Corporation (TFC) Recycling, Thomas Nelson Community College, Kaleela and Cecelia Thompson, Tidemill Machen Community Association, Tammy Trietch, Tucker-Capps Elementary School, Tucker-Capps Elementary School Citizens of the Month
  • U: United Christian Brotherhood, USS Enterprise
  • V: Virginia Cooperative Extension Hampton Office, Virginia Peninsulas Public Service Authority Composting Facility, Virginia Pitbull Elite Ruff Ryders
  • W: Waste Management Inc., Wesley United Methodist Church, West Hampton Community Center, Woman's Club of Hampton
  • Y: Y.H. Thomas Clean Dream Teams