Marine Life

Bird near ocenMarine Mammals & Sea Turtles

To report beached or troubled marine mammals (whale, dolphin, seal, manatee, etc.) or sea turtles, contact the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center Stranding Response Team at (757)- 385-7575. Their team responds 24/7 and 365 days a year to all calls about marine animals – sick, injured, dead, or trapped.

Do not move or do anything to the animal until you talk directly to the Stranding Center. There are two laws, the Marine Mammal Protection Act and Endangered Species Law that have hefty fines for tampering with marine animals, dead or alive.

Injured Birds

For injured birds such as sea gulls, egrets, and pelicans, call the Wildlife Response Center at 757-498-2660 (they will not come pick it up) or you can call the Peninsula Animal Referral Center at 757-874-8115. If the animal is dead, call the Wildlife Response Center at 757-498-2660 for disposal.