Parking Ticket Processing

Roles & Responsibilities

Data entry roles and responsibilities include:

  • Enter information from parking tickets issued into the Pistol 2000 Records Management System (RMS) - Parking Ticket Module for tracking purposes.
  • Enter the paid information in the computer program.
  • File parking tickets in numerical order by date in file cabinets.
  • Issue books of parking tickets to police officers logging the ticket numbers of the tickets issued and to whom.
  • Issue letters notifying vehicle owners of overdue parking fines through the computer system and track it.
  • Issue summonses to vehicle owners / operators who wish to contest a parking ticket in court.
  • Operate computer terminal for obtaining information from the Division of Motor Vehicles and other State motor vehicle records.
  • Receive payment for parking ticket fines from walk-in and mail-in customers and work cash register to record the transaction.

For More Information

For more information, email us or call the Hampton Police Division Recruiting Unit at 757-727-6586.