2008 Awards

  • Outstanding Plan Award, Phoebus Master Plan: Virginia Chapter American Planning Association Outstanding Plan Award for a Master Plan
    Department Name/Contact: Community Development, Mike Hayes
  • Innovator Award: Southern Growth Policies Board Innovator Award to Youth Civic Engagement Partnership City of Hampton and Alternatives
    Department Name/Contact: Community Development, Terry O'Neill
  • Innovator Award for the State of Virginia: The City of Hampton's won this award for the joint youth civic engagement initiative Alternatives, Inc. and the City of Hampton. Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe presented Brad Knight, chair of the Hampton Youth Commission, and Mike Bock, Hampton Youth Planner, with the award at the opening session of the Southern Growth Policies Board.
  • Digital Cities Survey award winner 7th place nationwide, the 2008 Digital Cities Survey examined how city governments have progressed in adopting and utilizing digital technologies to improve the delivery of services to their citizens.
  • Peninsulas Emergency Medical Services Council Russell L. Lowry Outstanding EMS Administrator was awarded to Jason Monk.
  • Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue Awards
    • 2008 Firefighter of the Year: Firefighter Frederick W. Schmid
    • 2008 EMS Provider of the Year: Medic Firefighter Edmund L. Freeborn
    • 2008 Volunteer of the Year: Volunteer Timothy M. Kamberger
    • 2008 Civilian of the Year: Christina E. Gallagher
    • 2008 R. Lee Webb Award: Medic Firefighter Herman W. Kappes, III