Outdoor Special Events Permits

Special events are only regulated when occurring outdoors. Special event permits may be required for events on public and private property when certain criteria are met. Based on the criteria presented below, please determine your permit type.

Types of Event Permits:

The special events process is tiered. Small events are eligible for the Neighborhood Scale Special Event Permit (PDF), while larger events must obtain the City Scale Special Event Permit. Some activities, such as park shelter rentals, do not require a Special Event Permit. For more information on this, please view the graphic below and see the appropriate permit site. For more assistance, contact the Special Event Coordinator.

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Submittal Deadlines & Fees:

Dependent upon the scale of your event and anticipated attendance, review times – and therefore submittal deadlines – and fees will vary. Please see the chart below for estimated review times. Specific submission deadlines may be found on the Submittal Deadlines site.

Submission DateSpecial EventGuidelinesFee
90 days priorCity Scale EventAnticipated attendance 500+ (and/or) requires closure of a roadway, intersection or network of streets$50
60 days priorCity Scale EventAnticipated attendance of 251-499
30 days priorNeighborhood Scale Event
Anticipated attendance 250 or less* (and) held on specifically identified lots in Hampton neighborhoods, as outlined in application
* street closures, alcohol, or mobile vendors will automatically push your event into City Scale category?
Free for Registered Neighborhood Organizations

Completing Your Application:

To assist you in completing your application, please consult the Special Event Guidebook (PDF). All applications must be completed in full.

Related Forms:

Special events interface with many different departments and processes in the City of Hampton. Here you will find information on topics such as reserving the park for holding your event, forms for hiring officers from the Hampton Police Department for your events, and renting equipment needed for your event.