Frequently Asked Questions

 1. I called for an ambulance; why did a fire truck respond?
All of our firefighters are certified as Emergency Medical Technicians and respond to a variety of medical emergencies within the city. The fire trucks carry medical supplies and equipment to stabilize and/or resuscitate patients. Firefighters may also supplement the service provided by the ambulance by providing additional manpower.

2. I sometimes see firefighters at the grocery store during the workday; why?
Personnel assigned to 24-hour shifts generally prepare their own meals at the fire station. Often the crew will go to the grocery store in their district to purchase items to prepare. Using the city-assigned vehicle allows them to respond from their location if necessary, without having to return to the station to pick up a vehicle. City funds are not used for these purchases.

3. Why are the phone numbers for the fire stations not listed in the phone book?
When firefighters are not on an emergency call, they are often involved in training,in and out of the station, to enhance skills and maintain readiness, and they participate in a number of community events. Most of your questions and concerns can be addressed by our administrative staff during normal office hours. You can reach Fire Administration at 757-727-6580 between 8am and 4:30pm, Monday-Friday with the exception of holidays.

4. Am I allowed to burn leaves in the City of Hampton?
Anything that would normally be picked up by Public Works cannot be burned in the City of Hampton. Leaves may be disposed of along with your regular garbage pickup. They must must be collected in clear plastic bags and placed at the curb on your regular garbage collection day. For additonal information about the proper disposal of items, contact Public Works, 757-727-8311.

5. There’s a hydrant on my street that’s running, could you have someone come out to check it?

Actually, fire hydrants are maintained by Waterworks, not the fire department. From time to time, Waterworks personnel will do overflow testing on hydrants. However, if you see a hydrant that is open and running, you may call to notify Waterworks' Operations Office, at 234-4800. They will be able to let you know if any testing is being done in the area and/or have someone respond.

6. Does the fire department install car seats?

No. The Hampton Health District, at 3130 Victoria Blvd. in Hampton, provides car seat safety and installation classes to eligible clients. Call 757-728-2153 for more information. Other resources, including safety seat installation videos and information on Virginia's Low Income Safety Seat Program, are available online at www.safetyseatva.org

7. Does Hampton Division of Fire and Rescue (HDFR) call citizens directly to solicit for monetary donations?

No. HDFR does not contact any citizen or business (directly nor indirectly) to obtain money offerings, fund-raising, gifts, or in-kind favors (i.e. donations). The fire department does not endorse nor promote specific trademarked goods, brands or products; We are permitted to answer generalized questions about fire and life safety devices and procedures. We will, however, directly contact a citizen by phone in order to coordinate and fulfill a free community service request (i.e. Smoke Alarm Installation, Home Safety Survey, Public Education/Relations Event); Billing transactions related to services rendered will be conducted by mail.