Protect your business

Here are some things you can do to minimize storm damage

  • Replace old tar and gravel and single-ply roofs with modified bitumen.
  • Install secondary drainage on roofs susceptible to ponding.
  • Install shutters to protect windows and doors.
  • Reinforce signs, awnings and overhangs.
  • Tie down propane tanks and roof-top air conditioners.
  • Elevate and tie down flood-prone utilities/equipment.
  • Install braces for overhead doors.
  • Install diagonal bracing for metal buildings.
  • Replace corroded metal fasteners and add additional screws for metal roofs and walls.
  • Keep downspouts and drains clear of debris.
  • Use pallet wrap or straps to bundle loose materials in outside storage.
  • Establish stand-by contracts to evacuate flood-prone supplies, hazardous materials, vital records, etc.
  • Develop a plan to operate from another location.
  • Maintain adequate insurance for wind and flood damage, including loss of operation.