Building, Rebuilding in a Floodplain

Hampton requires that all proposed development in the 100-year floodplain be reviewed and get a permit in compliance with the city's Floodplain Zone District Ordinance. If the cost of reconstruction, rehabilitation, addition, or other improvements to a building equals or exceeds 50% of the building's market value, then the building must meet the same construction requirements as a new building, meaning that the structure may have to be elevated above the 100-year flood level. Substantially damaged buildings must be brought up to the same standards, as well, regardless of the cause of damage.

When a permit is requested for an addition or improvements to an existing structure in the floodplain, Hampton's plan reviewers complete a worksheet to calculate the cost of the improvements. If the improvement value, including any donated labor or materials, exceeds 50% of the market value provided by Hampton's Assessor, the plan reviewer contacts the permit applicant and notifies them that the structure must be made compliant.

Contact the city's Codes office at 727-8311 to find out more about Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage. You can also get more information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

In the aftermath of a storm that damages your structure, call 3-1-1 or 727-8311 and ask that an inspector visit the site. Permits are likely required to correct the damage done by the storm and an inspector will be able to advise you on the steps to take.