About Us

The Hampton Federal Area Development Authority is a nine member board made up of Hampton residents who are appointed by City Council. Members serve for terms of not more than four (4) years each.

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To enable more efficient cooperation with the federal government and to increase the value of federal installations in the City of Hampton, by promoting the development of federal employee housing, including military housing, office buildings and other infrastructure through increased coordination between military, private industry, and academic and research institutions located in the City and the Hampton Roads area.


The HFADA will benefit the citizens of Hampton by promoting increased employment opportunities, a strengthened economic base and increased tax revenues as a result of development or redevelopment areas in the City, other than Fort Monroe. Areas consist of LAFB, NASA and the VA Medical Center.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Define a long range "over the horizon" strategy
  • Identify goals and objectives to enhance the City of Hampton's Federal Facilities posture
  • Determine milestones, resources required, funding strategies
  • Lobby for federal assets
  • Understand Federal Agencies missions and operational requirements
  • Understand the culture to leverage and react to ideas and opportunities
  • Establish relationships with key decision makers in private industry, academia and the Federal Agencies


Chairman, Vice Chairman, and Secretary/Treasurer. An Executive Director is also appointed by the Authority.


The board meets every second Monday of most months as needed at 1 p.m. in the Lawson Conference Room, 8th floor of City Hall. Please call to confirm schedule.