Hampton Manufacturing & Innovation Assistance Grant Program


The program is designed to aid small Hampton manufacturers primarily engaged in manufacturing, prototyping, design and/or development of commodities by encouraging them to seek improvements in production, productivity and competitiveness.

Administering Body/Responsible Parties

The Hampton Economic Development Authority administers this program. The Hampton Department of Economic Development provides support.

Who May Apply

Eligible businesses classified as manufacturers under the North American Industrial Classification six-digit code which starts with the number 3. To be eligible to receive a grant a business must be:

  • A small manufacturer employing 90 or fewer persons
  • Located within the City of Hampton and primarily engaged in manufacturing, prototyping, design and/or development of commodities
  • In good standing, which means the business is registered with the appropriate federal and state agencies and is current on all taxes

Policy for Considering Assistance Requests

Each application is considered based on how well the eligibility criteria are met. Applications for grants must demonstrate one or more of the following on the part of a small manufacturer: commitment to improve profitability, raise productivity, compete in global markets, or provide enhanced value to the customer through product improvement.

Type of Assistance Offered

Examples of eligible grant expenditures are listed below and other operational and training initiatives will be considered.

Operational Improvements

  • Aerospace AS9100
  • Automotive QS-9000
  • Business Assessments
  • Energy Reductions
  • FDA Export Certifications
  • Human Resources Management and/or Organizational Structure
  • Homeland Security ITAR Certification
  • ISO Certifications
  • Lean Manufacturing/Six Sigma
  • Telecommunications TL 9000
  • 8D Problem Solving

Applications/More Info

Applicants can seek operational training assistance from any legitimate service provider such as, but not limited to, a community college, college or university, trade association, or equipment manufacturer, to achieve their stated needs.