Fort Wool

Fort Wool

Located at the entrance to the Hampton Roads Harbor, Fort Wool, originally named Fort Calhoun, has been a patriotic symbol of freedom since its construction in 1819. Along with Fort Monroe, Fort Wool was constructed following the War of 1812 to protect Hampton Roads from the British and other would-be invaders of the era. Its position also denied access to the James River—a vital Union advantage during the Civil War. Fort Wool is both a state and national historic landmark.

Fort Wool is located in the jurisdiction of Hampton in the bay of Hampton Roads and is owned by the Commonwealth.

This Historic property has fallen into disrepair since it was closed by the Army and transferred to Commonwealth ownership in the 1970s.

Presidents Andrew Jackson and John Tyler both used Fort Wool as a summer retreat during their presidencies.

The City of Hampton operated the historic fort as a park and historic attraction for years. However, it is now closed to tours and boaters.

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