Office Review of Assessment

Office Review Appeal Period
February 11 to March 21, 2022

Filing a Review Application

In accordance with the Municipal Code of Hampton, the deadline to file an Office Review Application is normally March 15 of the year for which the assessment is made. The deadline has been extended to March 21 for 2022. Before filing an application, please call the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate and speak with a real estate appraiser: They will provide an explanation of the reassessment process and information regarding your property and the surrounding assessment neighborhood.

This is also a valuable opportunity for the property owner to confirm that the records of the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate contain the correct improvement size and property characteristics of their property and comparable properties. Maintaining correct size and property characteristics on the City of Hampton’s 50,000+ parcels is an important and ongoing effort which is essential to providing fair and equitable assessments.

Further Review

If there is still a concern about the equity and/or fairness of the assessment of your property you may make an application for a review: The Office Review of Assessment Application can be printed from the website, mailed to you or obtained at the Office of the Real Estate Assessor. Office Review of Assessment Applications are received and processed following the mailing of Change in Assessment Notices. The completed application should be returned to the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate. With permission a real estate appraiser will make a detailed inspection (interior and exterior) to confirm the accuracy of the improvement size and property characteristics. Inaccuracies in data will be corrected immediately, the assessed value will be reviewed and adjustments to the assessed value will be made if necessary.

Property Assessments

Following the mailing of "Change in Assessment Notices" in late January, the staff of the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate continues processing changes in land, and completed new construction or alterations, through June 30. Property owners whose property assessments change as a result of changes during this period may appeal their property assessment within thirty days of the date of the notice of change in assessment using the Review of Supplement or Abatement Application.

Applications are available on the Applications & Forms section of the website.