Knox-Box Program

Knox Box

Fire Division accessible security boxes are available through Knox-Box. The Knox-Box Program provides Hampton Fire & Rescue quick access to a secured building or area. It also prevents costly repairs caused by forcible-entry and allows the building to be re-secured. This is a mandatory system for commercial establishments with fire alarm systems and/or sprinkler systems, and a voluntary program for non-alarmed commercial properties. It is also available for private residences. This program requires the building owner, agent or responsible party to complete the application, choose the type of box to be installed, forward the application to Knox-Box Systems; and obtain and install the box. Knox-Box keys are factory restricted and cannot be obtained by a third-party.

Applications can be obtained online at Knox Box website or by contacting Knox-Box Systems by phone at 800-552-5669.


The box should be placed within 10 ft. of the front entrance, to the right of the door at approximately 5 ft. high. Knox-Boxes should be anchored to the building with lag bolts, recessed into plaster or stucco, or welded to metal fences, posts or gates. A Fire Department Alert Decal is included with each Knox-Box. The decal should be placed on the door or door frame adjacent to the Knox-Box to alert emergency personnel to the presence of a Knox-Box.

Homes and businesses with Knox-Boxes are noted in the City 911 Center's Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD) System. Once the Knox-Box is installed, the owner, agent, or responsible party should contact the Fire Prevention Section at 757-727-1210. Prevention Section personnel will notify the fire station in whose district the property is located. The station commander or other station personnel will schedule a meeting with owner to add the desired contents to the box. An inventory record form will be completed and will remain in the Knox Box with the keys.

Under no circumstances will any Fire Division personnel provide an owner, agent, or responsible party access to, or a key that secures any Knox-Box System. When access is requested by an owner, agent or responsible party, to remove or install contents in the Knox-Box System at any location, Division personnel will ensure the individual is authorized to access the system and a new inventory record form will be completed.

ADDING/REMOVING KEYS: The building owner, agent, or responsible party requesting the change should follow the same procedure as outlined in the installation procedures.


  • Eliminates forced-entry damage.
  • Reduces the response time needed by the fire department to gain access into a structure any time of the day or night, holidays included.
  • Eliminates need for authorized personnel to deliver keys to the building site during an alarm response.
  • The Knox system eliminates entry delays; therefore it can minimize internal damage to the structure.
  • The system can also provide valuable HazMat information, emergency contact information, etc. to responding emergency personnel.


Hampton Fire & Rescue personnel have an obligation to enter private property when summoned by a fire alarm. The Division's mission is based on this obligation and consequently it includes a certain level of liability. The Knox-Box System does NOT increase fire department or local government liability.

If you have questions regarding the use of the Knox-Box System, contact the Fire Prevention Section at, 757-727-1210 during regular business hours, Monday-Friday, 8 4:30 p.m.