Praise & Thank You's

The Hampton Police Division has always had a working relationship with our citizens and we are always looking to improve this relationship. We'd like to share some of our "Praise & Thank You's" from the wonderful citizens of Hampton.


Ms. Norma Pritchett an elderly lady who reside on Parkside Drive called today to compliment PSO Andrea Patrick, MPO Steven Carpenter and Officer Jesse Evans. On Monday, February 10th, Ms. Pritchett had an incident evolve while trying to move some of her personal belongings to her new apartment. Apparently there was a man who wanted her dog kennel but did not have the money to pay for it so as payment he agreed to assist Ms. Pritchett in moving her bagged up belongings. It ended up that the man only moved a few bags and took off with the kennel without completing the job agreed upon.

Ms. Pritchett seeing PSO Andrea Patrick asked for assistance and she in turned called and Officers' Carpenter and Evans responded. The officers were able to explain to her the civil process but Ms. Pritchett said she was just too upset over the entire incident to do anything at that time. The officers did ask if there was anything else they could do for her and she told them she could use assistance in getting the remainder of her bags to her vehicle. Both officers did get her personal belongings to her vehicle and she was so pleased.

Ms. Pritchett told me she was extremely upset that day but all of the officers showed her so much compassion and kindness she felt that she needed to let you know Chief. She was very complimentary and said she was happy now that all of her personal items were safe in her place.

I am writing to express our family's gratitude to Officer Frazier. He helped me on Saturday, Feb. 1st, when my car broke down at the intersection of Armistead and Mercury Boulevard He is a professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate public servant. His understanding and help was exactly what I needed during this time!

Due to the urgency of the moment, I was unable to thank him personally. Please be sure to express my genuine appreciation to him. Also, please relay his outstanding service to all who should be made aware.

Thank you for your time and attention concerning this matter.

Chief of Police Sult,

I know you are a very busy person but I wanted to take the time to notify you of the excellent performance of one of your outstanding officers. Officer Lee Hicklin, Neighborhood Watch Coordinator, visited our facility at 21 Enterprise Parkway today and provided an excellent presentation related to Work Place Violence at the Virginia Peninsula Chamber of Commerce. The meeting was triggered by incidents related to the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard and our desire to be prepared.

In attendance were representatives from major private sector industry tenants including Northrop Grumman and Computer Sciences Corporation. Officer Hicklin was very professional, very articulate, personable, and provided valuable materials to help us develop our Emergency Response Plans. All I wanted to let you know is that Officer Hicklin reflected very well on your department. and I truly appreciate your Community Outreach Programs. Thanks again.


Prinicpal: Program Management


October 24, 2013 Positive Submision-H800.jpg

Good Morning Chief Sult, I would like to give a praise report about of your officers (unfortunately I do not have his name but specific information about the incident is below).

Around 2:00AM on Monday, November 4th a male Caucasian police officer arrived on the corner of Orcutt Avenue and Enterprise Drive near the Newport News Industrial Center (Sears/Verizon) due to a domestic violence call. He kindly escorted me to a night's welcome at a church and even prayed with me. Because of the officer's Christ-like nature, it made what I was going through less scarier. I hope that this information is useful in your research of finding out which police officer helped me that night as I truly want him to know how grateful I am for going above and beyond the call of duty. If anything, this experience has greatly impacted the way I view law enforcement to a much more positive level and shows that there is honor and credibility under your command as Chief Officer.

Appreciatively, (The officer this citizen is referring to is Ptl. T. Steele) Chief, I wasn't there this weekend for the concerts but I just wanted to commend you from afar for the way you and your staff handled the Phish concerts. The videos of you welcoming guests and then the post-wrap up are a model for how people like to be treated. Having a positive, symbiotic attitude with the public goes a long way to avoiding any negative situations and animosity between the police and the public. The stories being told are nothing but positive.

I hope someone recognizes you publicly for your leadership.

Keep up the fine work.


It seems too often people only voice their opinion when they want to complain, but I wanted to thank you guys for assisting with and fostering an environment for everyone to have such a great time this past weekend.

The videos of Sergeant Price are making the rounds and are quite the hit in the Phish community.... the message boards are giving you guys lots of love and appreciation. (You have a great PR spokesman there!) The fans had fun, it sounds like trouble was kept to a minimum for you guys, and the shows were fantastic. A win all around!

Thanks again!


I am just one of the many Phish fans that came to Hampton over last weekend to see the concerts, and I just wanted to personally tell you and your police force how absolutely great I think you guys (and ladies!) did. I really don't think I've ever felt so welcome in a city hosting a Phish show before, and it really made the weekend that much greater! Kudos to you all for being so cool and easy going! I will 100% be back to Hampton the next time Phish comes around! Thank you once again!

Sincerely, Justin Scott Dear Chief Townsend: Last Saturday night my husband passed away at home and as customary two officers were dispatched. I had to write and let you know how wonderful they were. I was treated with such kindness and they were so sensitive to the situation. Officer Soder was so professional yet compassionate. I am so sorry to say I am not sure of the other officers name but I believe it was McMillinas. You should be very proud of these officers. My husband Charles Miller and I have been supporters of our fine police department and display our license plates with bride. Chief please express my gratitude to these officers and all the officers of the Hampton Police Force.

~Beth Miller~

To whom it may concern, My name is Ryan Vaughan , I am a dispatcher with the Watertown, MA Police Department. I hope I am reaching the right department. I am emailing on behalf of my fellow dispatchers thanking the Hampton Va 911 family of ours that sent us the edible arrangement. We truly appreciate all the support from around the country during the last week. Thanks again

~Ryan Vaughan~

Dear Chief: I wish to commend one of your officers, Jair Clanton.

In November 2012, my husband and I had a flat tire on I-64 near the Battlefield Boulevard exit. Officer Jair Clanton pulled over and offered to change the tire for us. We didn't need help, but he stayed awhile and chatted until we were ready to drive away, just to make sure we wouldn't need help. As we chatted, we learned he was on his way home from work. We were very impressed. He was not only off duty, but he was also out of his jurisdiction, yet he stopped on the interstate to make sure we got the help we needed for our flat tire.

We were quite impressed with his professionalism, friendliness, and desire to help.


~Mary S. Howald~

Dear Chief Townsend: This letter is to express my profound appreciation for the dignified and professional manner in which Officer D. Luciani handled a matter that originated at 7 Chamberlin Avenue W. on March 17, 2013. ...Read More

~Rosetta E. Chapman~

Dear Captain Gallop, Thank you again for speaking to my students in two undergraduate policing classes this semester. The students and I really enjoyed your talk and the invaluable insights on American policing. We really appreciate your contribution to higher education and your efforts for a better police-community relationship. Thank you again and look forward to seeing you soon.

~Mengyan Dai, Ph.D (ODU)~

Sir, I wanted to take a minute of your time and acknowledge the professionalism and community awareness of one of your officers. I was fortunate enough to have met Officer Walter Granison while with my ten year old son. Officer Granison was courteous and professional while speaking with myself and also engaging in conversation with my son. This meant a great deal to me as I am a former Detective from Norfolk Police Department and currently a Special Agent for the U. S. Government and have always expressed to my son how important police officers are to the community.

Upon leaving Officer Granison my son began talking of how nice the officer was and how he made it very comfortable to have a conversation. Officer Granison is an obvious asset to the Hampton Police Department but it should be noted that he is also an asset to the community and the citizens of Hampton.<br><br>Thanking you in advance for your time.

~Karen Carroll~

Dear Chief Townsend, Hampton Elks Lodge #366 would like to formally commend Officers Titus C. Sapp and Reginal Williams of your Special Projects Unit for their outstanding service while providing security for our bingo games. ...Read More

~Hampton Elk's Lodge #366~

Dear Chief Police, We at the Rock Church of Hampton would like to praise Officer Megan Partlow for her actions on October 10. 2012. On this day, a woman who had recently began attending our church, called one of our church members in dire need of a place to stay with her 3 children; the owner of the place where she had been staying was threatening to call the police for trespassing if she did not vacate the premises within 2 hours. Local emergency shelters and various other organizations were called with no luck or answers. Officer Partlow was then contacted and she not only responded quickly by making the appropriate phone calls, but got the woman an appointment with Dee Riter an Administrative Assistant at Social Services, after regular business hours. Because of the late notice, Officer Partlow paid Ms. Riter a visit just to make sure that everything would be taken care of. Officer Partlow's prompt response and actions have given a desperate woman who was being put out in the streets with her children hope. Social Services is providing her with a temporary place to stay while permanent housing is made available. Officer Partlow showed her deep concern by quickly acting and following up on the woman and her children's well-being. Officer Partlow's efforts and effectiveness during this tragic event displays great credit upon herself and the Hampton Police Department. The Rock Church of Hampton would like to thank Officer Partlow and the Hampton Police Department for your service.

~The Rock Church of Hampton~

At about 9 p.m. tonight Sunday, 23 September 2012, I decided to return some tool to our detached garage located in our back yard. I forgot that I had already set our ADT security system. I quickly put the tools away and when I turned off the garage lights and closed the door, there was a bright flashlight in our side yard. Of course I soon discovered that it was one of Hampton's finest. When I identified myself, the officer said that my back door was alarmed. I apologized and thank him for being so prompt. We just want it known that in the 35 years that we have lived here, while we have had very little contact with our great police force, they have proved themselves to be truly the finest. What would we do without them? We will be more careful with our security system. God Bless and protect our Hampton Police Officers.

~Hampton Citizen~

Recently we held a Bicycle Safety Rodeo at Syms Middle School. Officers Rachel Lawrence and Jennifer Williams were a wonderful resource for us! They talked to our 7th graders about the legal aspects of cycling, and promoted helmet use / head injury prevention. We gave out over 100 bike helmets to students and staff that day through a mini-grant from the VA Dept. of Health. We want to thank you and them for their service to our community, and to Syms Middle School in particular. They are terrific representatives of your organization.

 ~Syms Middle School~

I would like to say a big "Thank you" to officer Rhone at Phenix Elementary School. Today, she had the patience of the bible phophet Job. Even tho it was very busy at 1:45; she took the time to explain to parents, the process for traffic traveling to and from entrance. Thanks again Officer Rone for all you do to make situations better.

 ~A supportive grandmother~

We want to express our thanks to Patrol Officer C. Frazier for his professional investigation on September 8 of the burglary and car theft at our home. He was thorough, kind, and helpful to us, and he was instrumental in the prompt recovery of our car. We sincerely appreciate the great service of the Hampton Police Department. Our thanks to you, Officer Frazier, and all of your officers.

 ~Hampton Couple~

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to Cpl. Brian Snyder, Officer William Ward, SPO Steven Carpenter and Police Cadet Jesse Evans for their professionalism and for their kind and caring demeanor in the handling of an accident yesterday afternoon at the intersection of Burton and Londonshire. My youngest daughter and my tiny granddaughter where on their way home and stopped at the stop sign on Londonshire so she could turn left onto Burton Street. She had to wait for a car coming down Burton before she could turn. As she was waiting, she looked in her rear mirror and saw a large SUV coming up behind her. The driver suddenly swung the wheel to the left and passed her still travelling into the intersection. Unfortunately, he broadsided the lady travelling down Burton. Even today, my daughter is upset over the entire incident but has continually praised the officers and just how kind they were to everyone. As always, our folks come shining through. I told my daughter, this is just the type of wonderful, dedicated people that I am blessed to work with each day. They always make me so proud. So on behalf of my daughter and myself, I would like to extend once again my sincere appreciation to these fine officers for a "JOB WELL DONE."

 ~Hampton Citizen~

My son is a resident of Hampton VA and suffers from recent health issues that sometimes impair his mental judgment. I'd like to commend Hampton Police for noteworthy behavior exhibited during two incidents concerning my son. The first incident involved two female officers - Officer Wells and Officer Roberts. The two opted to first calmly talk to and reason with my son. They did this at length prior to finally employing more forceful restraining techniques. My son was ultimately transported and detained at psychiatric facility. The two officers could clearly see that my son was not rational at the time. This month (October 2015) my son was re-hospitalized following another incident. He was again eventually admitted to a psychiatric hospital for treatment. My son's wallet and car were missing and he was unable to provide meaningful information as to their location. Officer Nelson was kind enough to visit with me at my son's home following my inquiry to the police department about his car. Officer Nelson took the time to explain police procedures and provide other helpful information. It made me feel better and that the police actually do care. In this current seemingly "shoot first" police climate that is so widely media publicized where Black males are concerned, I'd like to take a moment to compliment those in law enforcement who use an on-alert, but common sense restrained approach in dealing with its citizens, especially those with mental difficulties. It's good to know people matter and not just bureaucracy. I hope the community gets to know this side of Hampton Police Department. "But for the grace of God, go I".

Hampton Citizen