Advisory & Consultation

With training, youth serving in advisory or consulting capacity provide leaders, youth or adult, with valuable input and consultation around a specific issue.

Citizens' Unity Commission Youth Advisory Group

The Youth Advisory Group (YAG) serves as youth advisers to the Citizens' Unity Commission who vision is that "Hampton will thrive as a diverse community which celebrates, supports, and encourages positive people-to-people relations as a foundation for community success."

YAG is composed of middle and high Hampton City school students whose aim is to provide representation, input and youth perspectives to the CUC regarding diversity and inclusion. The YAG goals are to:

  • Increase youth voice regarding diversity and inclusion in Hampton;
  • Increase the 'diversity IQ' of Hampton youth; and
  • Increase the numbers of youth engaged in diversity and inclusion related projects/ service opportunities

Visit the Citizens' Unity Commission website for more information.


Uth ACT (Youth Achieving Change Together) is a youth activism group that combines innovative leadership training with exciting hands-on service experiences. Some of the opportunities include but is not limited to peer education and advocating for policies. This group is facilitated by Alternatives Inc.

Additional opportunities exist throughout city government as well as the community.