Career Pathways & Work Readiness

Today's employers are concerned in both the private and public sector about the gap that exists between the skills required in today's workplace and those exhibited by potential and incumbent employees. Businesses have trouble finding and hiring people who have basic skills and who are ready for training for specific jobs.

As a young person, discovering as much about your passions and career interests sooner rather than later is essential to get set on the pathway that will lead you to your only personal success.

To do that, "Career Pathways and Career Clusters" provide a way to learn more about careers and work. Career Pathways provide you with a way to link your personal interests and passions with your formal education and real-life experiences in the community. The hope is that all youth will graduate from school equipped with not only the skills but a clear understanding of their own personal pathway to a successful career.

While the opportunity to explore a career might begin in class through a variety of courses, the experience does not have to stop there. Get involved in extra-curricular activities, service learning, leadership opportunities to enhance your experience. The journey starts now...

If you are interested in finding volunteer, leadership and employment opportunities to gain more experience in a particular career cluster? See the Young People's Guide to Volunteer Service & Work Experience in Hampton (PDF).