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The mailing date for fiscal year 2024 notice of change in assessment postcards is Feb. 10, 2023.

  • The office review deadline is March 13, 2023, and 
  • The Board of Review deadline is April 13, 2023.

  • “Improvement value” on the Notice of Change in Assessment card means the value of all buildings, porches, decks, patios, pools, attached and detached garages, etc. Improvement value does not mean you have made improvements to your property. 
  • Levy means the tax applied to the total value of land and improvements.  It is calculated by dividing the total value by $100 and then multiplied by the tax rate*. 
    • Example: $100,000 land + $200,000 improvements = $300,000 total value
    • $300,000 divided by $100 multiplied by the tax rate*.

*The tax rate for fiscal year 2023 is $1.18 per $100.  The tax rate has not yet been set by City Council for fiscal year 2024; the tax rate will be available on the City Council’s website after all advertised public hearings.

Record high sales and falling inventory have resulted in higher assessed values.

Please contact the Office of the Assessor of Real Estate if you have questions or concerns.  You will be connected to the appraiser for your property.  If you receive a voice mail, please leave your name, number and property address.

NOTE: The Office of the Assessor of Real Estate is available by appointment by calling 311 or 757-727-8311. A customer advocate will transfer you to the appropriate staff member and we encourage leaving a voicemail.

Walk-ins are also accepted. For your convenience, a drop box is located outside on the landing next to the entry doors of the Ruppert Sargent Administration Building, 1 Franklin St. (corner of Franklin Street and Queen Street).

Feel free to use the drop box for any forms and applications.

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Please contact our office to correct any discrepancies.

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About the office

The Office of the Assessor of Real Estate fairly and equitably assesses the real estate in the City of Hampton annually and provides accurate property information under the authority of the Constitution of Virginia, Code of Virginia and Municipal Code of Hampton, and in accordance with standards of professional practice.

The office is a recipient of the International Association of Assessing Officers' Certificate of Excellence in Assessment Administration (2011 to Present). 

The real estate appraiser’s role and assessment process