Human Resources

The Department of Human Resources encourages and values diversity and promotes personal and professional development in the City of Hampton.V3-Certified-Company-Logo

The department:

  • Administers a comprehensive human resources management system, which includes attracting, developing, and retaining a workforce that is highly qualified and continuously learning.
  • Partners with our customers to achieve the City’s strategic plan.
  • The city is V-3 certified. V-3 stands for “Virginia Values Vets,” a program that helps employers hire veterans. Certification signifies a company’s commitment to veterans.   
  • Visit here to find information on becoming an Election Official for the City of Hampton.   Election Officials are paid for their work on Election Days.  
    • After learning more about becoming an Election Official, at the bottom of the page there will be another link to direct interested citizens to the “Election Official Interest Form”.  This form will be directed to the Registrar’s Office.

Working Together

People are our most valuable asset, and no single factor is more important to the city than having motivated people in every position, thriving on challenge and committed to excellence.