Internal Audit Department

The Internal Audit Department provides professional quality independent internal audit services to city departments / agencies in order to promote financial accountability; efficiency and effectiveness of operations and programs; compliance with applicable laws, regulations and accounting standards.

Services Provided

  • Operational audits - Audits that examine the use of resources to determine if resources are being used in the most effective and efficient manner to fulfill the city's mission and objectives
  • Financial audits - Audits that review accounting and financial transactions
  • Compliance audits - Review of both financial and operating controls and transactions to see how well they conform with established laws, standards, regulations and procedures
  • Performance (program) audits - Designed to determine whether government program and activities are meeting stated goals and objectives
  • Information Systems (IS) audits - Audits that review the internal control environment of automated information processing systems and how people use these systems (may review existing, as well as developing systems)
  • Internal control reviews
  • Consulting / advisory studies
  • Policy / procedure reviews
  • Special projects