May 2018 - (WTKR) People Taking Action: Local grandma is surprised at school where she volunteers as foster grandparent!

Her name is Cleo Byrd, but at Hampton's Bassette Elementary, she's known as Grandma Byrd.

2018 - Senior Corps Foster Grandparent of the Year Mary Hines, Peninsula Foster Grandparent Program, Hampton

Mary-Hines 2018Since 2005, Mary Hines has traveled nearly an hour each day to make made it her mission to be a source of encouragement for children. She regularly shares a poem she wrote for the students which conveys that they too can transform into a butterfly from a cocoon. Ms. Hines has been instrumental to other Foster Grandparents and future volunteers by sharing her experiences. She has been recognized in the past with several awards for service, including the Presidential Award for Service. Ms. Hines is a wonderful example of selflessness in service – caring for those around her and determined to make sure our young people believe in themselves.

2017 - Senior Corps Foster Grandparent of the Year - Annie Clark, Peninsula Foster Grandparent Program, Newport News

Annie ClarkAnnie Clark has served with the Foster Grandparent program for more than 20 years mentoring more than 100 students. She currently serves as the Foster Grandparent team leader for the Hunter B. Andrews Elementary School in Hampton where she volunteers more than 20 hours per week assisting and mentoring first graders. Annie has a deep compassion for children, not only in the school where she serves, but also throughout her community. Outside of the Foster Grandparent program, she shares strong messages about responsibility and character building during impromptu "teaching" moments with children in her neighborhood. During local elections, Annie conveys the importance of voting by mobilizing a "youth brigade" whom she accompanies door-to-door to canvas their neighborhoods. Visitors who come to her home will find a bulletin board with important information about neighborhood activities and political news posted by her front door. In addition to Annie's tireless commitment to youth, she has also served as a volunteer with the local fire department, is a dedicated member of her church, and as the lead for the Crime Watch program in her neighborhood. She sets an amazing example for everyone in her community for outstanding civic engagement and community pride.

2015 - News Channel 3 People Taking Action

Our Foster Grandparent, Grandma Gray as she is affectionately called, was honored with the 'PEOPLE TAKING ACTION" award by news channel WTKR.

2014 - Robert E. Wone Award for Exemplary Service

Daniel Lockey has worked tirelessly to assist, encourage and mentor young people in the Hampton area. As a Foster Grandparent program volunteer, Mr. Lockey has served a minimum of 20 hours per week for the last five years. Since joining the program, he has served at the Hampton City Schools Performance Learning Center working with young adults who are pursuing a GED. FoDaniel Lockey - Robert E Wone Award for Exemplary Servicer many young people, especially the young African American males who are without a male role model in the home, Mr. Lockey serves as a model of leadership, professionalism, integrity, and compassion.

Not only do the young people he serves benefit from his stories and life lessons, but from his creativity and resourcefulness as well. Mr. Lockey is able to utilize many hands-on educational tools and skills to engage the students – including the game of pool to demonstrate math and geometry. As a result of his commitment and caring, staff members at the Performance Learning Center report that they have observed significant positive changes in the students' attitudes, behaviors, and academic performance. With his dedication to these students and his willingness to share his wisdom and experiences, Daniel Lockey exhibits the values of the Robert E. Wone Award for Exemplary Service. Mr. Lockey was awarded at the 2014 Virginia Volunteerism & Community Service Conference.