How to Register A Neighborhood Organization

Hampton Neighborhood Initiative

The Hampton Neighborhood Initiative is a partnership of neighborhood-serving organizations, the Neighborhood Commission, the City of Hampton, area businesses and non-profits that is dedicated to improving the quality of life in Hampton’s neighborhoods. An eligible organization can participate in the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative; the basic criterion for participation is that the organization be inclusive, is working at a neighborhood level and follows the guiding principles of the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative.

A participating neighborhood organization must demonstrate that they have given everyone in the organization the opportunity to participate. A neighborhood-serving organization is an inclusive group of neighborhood stakeholders who come together in order to work together to make their and other neighborhoods better (Examples: churches, garden clubs, PTA's, and neighborhood associations).

The Guiding Principles of the Neighborhood Initiative are listed below:

  1. Hampton neighborhoods are valuable community assets.
  2. City government should be flexible enough to serve the unique needs of individual neighborhoods.
  3. Partnerships are critical. Everyone has a stake in neighborhoods and everyone has a contribution to make.
  4. Neighborhoods should be places where families are strengthened and youth are supported.
  5. Neighborhoods should be safe, offer economic opportunity, support social interaction and civic involvement, and provide recreation and education opportunities to all residents.
  6. Neighborhoods should be places where people want to live.

Registration Process

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