Neighborhood Organization Registration Procedures

Form Submission

All forms are to be submitted to or reviewed by a Hampton Neighborhood Commissioner either in person or electronically. Should the Community Development staff person receive a form prior to a Commissioner, staff will forward the form to the appropriate Commissioner for follow-up.

Commissioner Follow-up

The District Commissioner will then make direct contact with the organization to discuss the group's history, purpose, goals, and any potential partnership opportunities in which the Commission may assist in helping the organization to achieve their goals.

Civic Communications Committee Update

The district commissioner would share this information with the chair of the Civic Communications Committee. At their following meeting, the Civic Communications Committee may offer additional information to the District Commissioner or directly to the organization about specific resources and/or potential partnerships that may assist the neighborhood group in achieving their organization's goals. The Civic Communications Committee would then forward the list of newly identified organizations to the Hampton Neighborhood Commission for recognition as a registered organization.

Neighborhood Commission Recognition

The newly identified organizations would then be invited to attend the following Neighborhood Commission Meeting to be recognized as a registered neighborhood-serving organization and a new partner in the Hampton Neighborhood Initiative.