Wastewater Maintenance, Rehabilitation Plans

In recent years, Hampton has been conducting sanitary sewer evaluations throughout the city, identifying structural, capacity and operational deficiencies. The evaluations were conducted using closed circuit TV inspections, manhole inspections, smoke testing, dye testing and flow monitoring. Deficiencies were prioritized based on severity and then organized by flow basins for future maintenance and rehab projects.

The ongoing project in the Riverdale area includes the replacement of approximately 6,540 linear feet of sanitary sewer force main pipe, and other system improvements. Go online for a complete copy of the plans (large file will take time to download), including a map and a detailed description of the work being done.

Riverdale Project: Questions & Answers

Q: Why is this project necessary?
A. This project will update infrastructure that has reached the end of its useful life.

Q: What are the benefits to my neighborhood?
A. When construction is finished, your neighborhood will have updated infrastructure that will help protect public health and area waterways for decades to come. The project will also reduce the likelihood of sewage overflows in this area.

Q: When will construction start and how long will it take?
A. Construction is expected to begin in October 2015 and conclude no later than July 2016.

Q: Will my water and sewer service be affected?
A. There should be no interruption of water or sewer service.

Q: Will access to properties along the route be maintained during construction?
A. Access to businesses will be maintained at all times. Access to individual residences may be affected temporarily as construction proceeds across a driveway. The contractor will coordinate access issues directly with the affected property owner. Trash, mail and emergency services will not be affected. If necessary, the contractor will coordinate with the city to relocate trash receptors on scheduled pick-up days.

Q: What are the general working hours for the project?
A. Work typically will take place Monday through Friday during daylight hours (7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). However, there may be times when extended hours, work at night or on weekends may be necessary. Work adjacent to schools will not take place while classes are in session. We will make every effort to keep you informed regarding changes that could affect you.

Q: Will construction affect the existing pavement or my lawn?
A. It will be necessary to dig up a sewer force main in the street. When this occurs, any pavement, curb, gutters, driveway aprons and grass that must be removed will be restored after the project is completed.

Q: What sorts of noise and dust is anticipated?
A. As with any construction project, routine noise generated by the operation of heavy equipment is anticipated. During construction, the contractor will be required to keep the roadways free of dirt and other debris and to minimize dust.

Q: Will the project affect the flow of traffic in the neighborhood?
A. The City of Hampton has worked closely to develop a plan to minimize traffic disruptions. Appropriate signage, traffic control devices and flagging operations, if needed, will be provided to guide motorists.

Q: How can I receive regular project updates?