Office of Youth and Young Adult Opportunities

Engaging young people to provide positive activities — sports, mentoring, expression, training, summer employment, grants to grassroots community organizations — is one way that Hampton is working to change individual lives and the community. Young people — particularly black males — are disproportionally affected by violence, whether they are the victim, the perpetrator, or the witness.


The Office of Youth and Young Adult Opportunities ensures that Hampton creates better outcomes for youth and young adults. We strive to provide meaningful alternatives to violence, drugs, and gang participation while addressing unresolved trauma and supporting returning citizens. 

We accomplish this goal by working collaboratively with support agencies and grassroots organizations to provide:

  • Transformative mentoring
  • Peer & family engagement
  • Emotional & social support 
  • Restorative & re-entry services
  • Workforce readiness & development
  • Neighborhood-based programs 
  • Crisis intervention & more