Boat License Fees

License fees for boats

A license fee as set forth in Hampton City Code section 37-416 is required on every privately owned motorized boat or watercraft used for recreational purposes only and privately owned non-motorized pleasure boats used for recreational purposes only, 20 feet in length and over, which is normally operated, docked, stored, or kept within city limits over 180 days.

The license fee is due on or before December 5th of the preceeding license year, or within 10 days of purchasing such boat, or within 30 days of moving situs (position or site) of the boat to the city, whichever is sooner. The license fees imposed on boats and watercraft with situs in the city, as described in Article XV of the Hampton City Code, for any portion of the year between January 1 and June 30, are listed below:

Boat type / License Fee

  • January 1 - June 30
  • Motorized boats and watercraft under sixteen feet in length:  $20
  • Motorized boats16 feet to less than 20 feet in length:  $40
  • Boats 20 feet to less than 40 feet in length:  $75
  • Boats 40 feet in length and over:  $150
  • Note: License fees are subject to change

No license fee shall be imposed on boats that do not have a situs in the city as described in Article XV of the Hampton City Code between January 1 and June 30 of the license year. You may also register your boat online.

Frequently asked questions

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Boats Exempt From License Fee

Boats on which the city is prohibited from imposing a tax by federal law or the laws of the commonwealth.

Boats or watercraft weighing less than five (5) tons and boats or watercraft weighing five (5) tons or more, used for business purposes only.