Mosquito Management

Asian Tiger Mosquito
Mosquito Management Asian Tiger Mosquito (#1 Nuisance)

The Environmental Services Division provides mosquito control services to residents and visitors through an integrated Mosquito Management Plan. In response to surveillance traps and service requests, mosquito control fights the insects at their source, using mosquito-specific pesticides while maintaining and promoting a healthy environment for other insects that are biological controls for mosquitoes. Read an overview of the biological, mechanical and chemical mosquito control measures (PDF) used by the city.

Larvicide Information

To learn about Hampton's larvicide and aerial spray programs, read our Larvicide and Aerial Spray FAQs.

Transmitted Diseases

Mosquitoes can be transported around the globe within days. Humidity, rainfall, temperature and season can cause an infestation and increase the chances of a disease spreading. Learn more about mosquito-transmitted diseases in the Transmitted Diseases FAQs.