Types of Records

The following is a general description of the types of records held by the City of Hampton:

  • Personnel records concerning employees and officials of the City
  • Records of contracts which the City has entered into
  • City Council records, resolutions, and action items
  • Minutes of Council, Board, and Commission meetings
  • Police reports and records. Including but not limited to: incident/investigation reports, communication event reports, body worn camera video, dash cam video, and crash reports
  • Police calls for service
  • 911 communication records
  • Fire and Rescue records
  • Zoning records
  • Permits and licenses
  • Public Works records such as storm water and wetlands records
  • Site plans and variances
  • Enforcement records
  • Building records
  • Other records concerning the transaction of City business.

Please note that you may not be entitled to these records due to any exemptions that may apply (see Commonly Used Exemptions).

If you are unsure whether the City has the record(s) you seek, please contact the respective constitutional FOIA Officer.