Agendas, Meeting Information & Materials

Agendas, Minutes, Videos

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Video links are added after the meeting airs. Minutes are added following approval.

Citizen participation in City Council meetings

Members of the public are invited to all open meetings. Please read the City Council’s Citizen Participation Policy and Public Hearing & Comment Protocol to familiarize yourself with the City Council’s attendance and decorum policies.

Please refrain from talking during the meeting unless you have been called to the microphone during a public hearing or public comment period. Cell phones are allowed, but please silence them and leave the room promptly if you need to take a call. Please limit flash photography.

Items that could disrupt the meeting or obstruct the view of others are prohibited, including:

  • Large objects that may be used as weapons (batons, sticks, knives, or other cutting tools, etc.)
  • “Selfie” sticks
  • Food or drinks
  • Large banners (Small, handheld signs that do not exceed three feet by five feet are are not mounted on sticks or poles are permitted.)
  • Megaphones, bullhorns, whistles or other devices designed to emit loud noises that may be distracting to other attendees.
  • Laser pointers, flashlights, or other devices designed to emit lights that may be distracting to other attendees.

Sign up to speak

  • Anyone who wants to speak on any item, including public hearings and public comment, must sign up in the lobby of City Hall.
  • They must provide their names and identify the subject matter or item that they wish to speak on. 
  • Speaker signup for public hearings and public comment is available a half-hour before the meeting time. Signup for public hearings ends at the time of the meeting. 
  • Signup for public comment continues for 15 minutes after the meeting has begun.