Fox Hill Neighborhood Center

The city is planning to replace a recreation center in Fox Hill that was destroyed by a 2014 tornado with a new neighborhood center. While the neighborhood center would be much smaller than a community center, the exact size would depend on the site selected and an architect's final design. 

Hampton City Council has set aside up to $3.5 million to construct the neighborhood center. The actual cost, however, would also depend on the final design and location.

After in-person meetings and online input, the city is currently negotiating the purchase of an existing church in Fox Hill where renovations would be the priority, as opposed to major construction or expansion. 

Land use analyses of several sites were conducted to determine the suitability of constructing a new neighborhood center. Information on past reports and meetings:

A community meeting was held to discuss the Fox Hill Neighborhood Center on Thursday, January 12th at 6:30PM at Asbury School on 14 Beach Road. Attendees were able to rank their preferred site amongst the top five sites that were deemed most feasible. Those five sites include (in no particular order): 

  • Jones Middle School – 1819 Nickerson Boulevard (Only a portion of the site would be used, the school is NOT being demolished.)
  • Cornerstone Church – 65 Hall Road 
  • Hampton Soccer Complex – Intersection of Old Buckroe Rd & Andrews Blvd (A portion of an existing field would be used for the center)
  • Willow Oaks Shopping Center – 223 Fox Hill Road, Suites A & B
  • Gosnold’s Hope Park – 901 East Little Back River (front portion of the park)
If you have questions about this project, contact Brian DeProfio, assistant city manager, at 727-6064 or email