Hampton Waterways Restoration Project

The purpose of the HWRP is to make our Hampton waterways more swimmable and fishable. Projects and programs include: waterway cleanups (by land and by boat); educational outreach; riparian buffer plantings, water quality monitoring and a variety of activities that raise awareness of the need for and benefits of healthy waterways.

Water Quality Monitoring

  • Air Power Park
  • Gosnold's Hope Park
  • Elizabeth Lake Estates
  • Grandview Island/Long Creek (pending for 2017)

Kayak Clean-Ups/Waterway Paddles

  • Gosnold's Hope Park
  • Elizabeth Lake
  • Sunset Creek
  • Hampton River
  • Mill Creek
  • Back River
  • Participant for Clean The Bay Day & International Coastal Clean-Up.

Shoreline Clean-ups

  • Group shore-based litter clean-ups
  • Participant for Walk Hampton Clean

Educational Outreach

  • Stormwater Enviroscape for students and events
  • Special Events (e.g. Buckroe Arts in the Park, Hampton History Museum events)

Special Events/Projects

  • Art Show and Auction
  • Bat House Project
  • Riparian buffer planting/tree planting

Continuing Education

  • Special guest speakers on various waterways/ecology /environmental topics, i.e. Oysters, Living Shorelines, Water birds, etc...