Inmate Funds & Communication

Inmate Funds & Canteen

To load funds onto an inmates account:

  • Onsite Kiosk
    • Only cash, debit, or credit cards can be used at the kiosk machines located in the lobby of the Jail Annex located at 1928 W, Pembroke Avenue, Hampton, VA 23661 or at the Main Jail located at 135 High Court Lane, Hampton, VA 23669
  • Online
  • Phone
    • Call 1-866-345-1884
  • Mail
    Must be in the form of a money order. No cash or personal checks accepted. Money order must include full name of inmate and it must be signed by the purchaser.
    • Send money order to:
      P.O. Box 158
      Hampton, VA 23669

Inmate Mail

When writing letters to an inmate, use the following example to address the envelope:

  • Hampton City Jail (Inmate's Full Name)
    135 High Court Lane
    Hampton, VA 23669
  • Hampton Community Correctional Center (Inmate's Full Name)
    1928 W. Pembroke Avenue
    Hampton, VA 23661


  • Letters must be in a standard 8x12 envelope
  • Shipped packages and bulk mail items are NOT accepted
  • Magazines and books are ONLY allowed if mailed directly from the distributor
  • Do not send inappropriate or pornographic photos. Do not place any additional items in the envelope such as stamps. Inmates may only receive softback books or magazines directly from the publisher
  • Greeting cards are NOT accepted

Inmate Communications

The following services are available:

  • Inmate Phone
  • Inmate Video Visitation
  • Inmate Tablets
  • Friends and Family Messaging

The Inmate phone accounts can be funded:

  • Via inmate canteen 
  • Via collect payments or advanced pay through the friends and family accounts

To set up an account to receive phone calls from an inmate call: 1-866-516-0115 or register online.

All Inmate Communications are subject to monitoring and recording.  Any information regarding a crime that may have been committed or the potential of a crime being committed, immediate notification will be made to the primary law enforcement agency.