We recognize the important role housing plays in making our neighborhoods unique. Through the following programs, Housing and Neighborhood Services strives to support people making investments in their homes:

Hampton Home Repair Blitz

The Hampton Home Repair Blitz is a one-day community service event for homeowners to receive assistance in making minor improvements to their homes. Improvements may consist of painting, debris removal, landscaping and minor repair of steps, gutters and fencing. To participate, applicant must live in the target area and qualify based on one of the following criteria: be at least 65 years old, disabled or low income. The Neighborhood Commission selects the target area for the blitz. The blitz is hosted twice a year, in spring and fall.

Hampton Housing Venture

Hampton Housing Venture areas are neighborhoods strategically selected by City Council. These neighborhoods often need a little extra love in terms of finances, support services and direction. The emphasis is on neighborhood residents and city staff working together to improve the neighborhood.

Residents develop an action plan identifying what they would like to see happen in their neighborhood and then begin working to achieve this goal, with city staff support. The city is able to use federal money to finance activities such as demolition of dilapidated structures, addition of sidewalks or creating a new road.

There are four housing venture areas in Hampton: Old Hampton, Old North Hampton, Pasture Point and Sussex.

Housing Resources

More housing resources are available at Hampton Housing and Redevelopment Authority.