Walk Hampton Clean

walk hampton clean - nfWalk Hampton Clean is a community celebration that coincides with Earth Day and is designed to make Hampton a cleaner city. Individuals, groups and businesses are encouraged to pick up litter and debris throughout the day.

Click here to sign up for Walk Hampton Clean and other community cleanups around the city.

Because we are a waterfront community, more than 75% of litter will end up in our waterways. By working together as a community and involving families, children and organizations, we can reduce litter and create a cleaner environment.

Hampton has multiple watersheds that are affected by trash and debris. These watersheds are areas of land that drain into the water surrounding our city. Keeping the watersheds clean ensures that the surrounding water can be used for swimming, fishing and other activities.

A map of Hampton’s watersheds can be found online (PDF). You can also go online to learn more about watershed studies and plans in Hampton.

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