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To be involved with the Hampton History Museum you can volunteer your time, become a member or make a donation, among other activities and opportunities.

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Some donations have already been received and this effort will continue for a period of three years. The Hampton History Museum Association is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and administrator of this fund. For those classes wishing to participate, please send your donation to:

Hampton History Museum Association
Attention: Robert Allsbrook, Treasurer
P.O. Box 646
Hampton, Virginia 23669-0646
Mr. Allsbrook Phone: (757) 722-1618
HHMA Office Phone: (757) 727-0830

Featured Involvement

High School Roll of Honor

Please Note: Your assistance is requested in passing the following information on to members of any of the Reunion Committees of the classes outlined, or providing Mr. Allsbrook with the information at one of the contact numbers below or by email to his attention.

The Announcement

To all graduated classes from Hampton, Phenix, Pembroke, Phoebus, Bethel and Kecoughtan public high schools: In the winter 2010 issue of The Compass Rose (the Hampton History Museum newsletter) we shared news of a new fundraiser "The High School Wall of Fame," now named "The High School Roll of Honor," to honor the many classes of Hampton City Schools, both past and present. The Roll of Honor is now installed in the Old Hampton Lane entry of the Hampton History Museum, awaiting the addition of many other graduated classes from the City of Hampton. To this end, we are requesting your assistance in informing your former high school classmates of our efforts to supply this information to all classes of the seven high schools that have been an important part of Hampton's History. Please note that the minimum donation for a class to be included on the Roll of Honor is $1,000.