A Visit from FDR

Hail to the ChiefHail to the Chief

It was an exciting walk into history on February 2 when "Franklin Delano Roosevelt" (aka noted historical interpreter John Hamant) addressed over 60 citizens at the Hampton History Museum. Staying in character the entire evening as though it were 1944, the "President" praised our nation for the sacrifices it was making in beating back its enemies during World War II. "The businessman, the laborer, the farmer, and the brave members of our armed services are all marching together for greater glory. We are truly a unified nation," he said.

Port Hampton Lecture Series

Shown above, Billie Einselen was one of many guests who enjoyed chatting with the "President" later that evening and shaking his hand. The Port Hampton Lecture Series, which features historical presentations, takes place on the first Monday evening of each month at the museum. For information, call (757) 727-1610.