Jamestown's First Women

Patricia Flower Vermillion and Bob KellyLady's Maid

At the February 2009 Lunch In Time Lecture at the Hampton History Museum, Poet and Author Patricia Flower Vermillion discuss the challenges that faced the first two female English settlers in Virginia, as "Captain Christopher Newport" (Bob Kelly) looks on.


It was Captain Newport's second supply ship to Virginia, in October 1608, which brought Mistress Forest and her maid Anne Burras to the Virginia colony at Jamestown. Shortly after her arrival, Anne married John Laydon who had come to Jamestown with the original settlers of 1607. She bore him four daughters and likely contributed to the emerging role of women in the Virginia colony, as a sense of home and family structure became increasingly important.

Monthly Lectures

During the noontime lecture, attended by close to 70 history enthusiasts, Vermillion read from her newest publication, Lady's Maid, featuring poetry and narratives about Anne Burras Laydon. The book is available in the museum gift shop. The mid-day lecture series at the museum takes place on the third Wednesday of each month and is free of charge. For more information, call (757) 727-1610.