Blue View - Camera Sharing Program

Blue View LogoThe Blue View program is based on The Hampton Police Division building partnerships with the business community. This is accomplished through sharing resources to achieve a common goal of a safer community and stronger commerce and tourism. The Hampton Police Division's Real Time Information Center was designed with this cooperative strategy in mind. Through sharing private partner camera assets with The Hampton Police Division's Real Time Information Center, your business can contribute to the greater safety and prosperity of City of Hampton business districts while benefiting from first responders having direct access to view your properties.

The Blue View program provides Hampton Police personnel with effective and efficient access to private partner cameras. Cameras are pulled in via a web-based interface that consolidates both Hampton Police Division and Private Party Camera Assets. Many existing cameras are already compatible with the program. For those who do not have compatible systems, Hampton Police Division can provide guidance on how to make your existing system compatible or acquire a dedicated camera asset that is compatible with the program.

Camera Integration Requirements


  • Any Cameras that will be used for this framework will need to be ONVIF Compliant, and have internet/LTE connectivity.
  • A dedicated server or workstation will be needed that contains enough storage space to store video data for the Private Parties Cameras (length of storage will be determined by private party). This will be the hardware that contains the Ocularis Recorder Software as well.
  • A dedicated workstation that will run the Ocularis Client will be needed; however, if this is not an option and the number of cameras is limited, an organization can utilize the Ocularis Client on the same machine that contains the Recorder.


  • Qognify Ocularis Ultimate Edition Video Management System
  • Camera Licenses for each camera that will be added to the Private Parties VMS
  • An Qognify Ocularis OpenSight License for each camera that the Private Party wants integrated into the RTIC


  • The Open Sight feature of Ocularis requires a Broadband Internet Connection in order for the video data to be integrated into the RTIC.


If you are interested in the program and would like to learn more, please contact Qognify by emailing or calling 845-201-5600 option 1.

Printable Blueview Flyer (PDF)