Youth Grant Program

What Is It?

The Hampton Youth Commission will be giving out micro-grants for up to $2,500 for youth-led organizations. 

Who Can Apply?

Youth-led programs are opportunities created by individuals and organizations where youth lead planning, decision-making, facilitation, reflection and evaluation on issues that matter to them using actions that are youth led. Adults can act in supportive ways through youth-adult partnerships. 

Youth led organizations must: 

  • Have youth ranging from ages 10-18.
  • Have 3 or more members.
  • Be majority youth members.
  • Be a 501c(3) organization.
  • Have youth engaged in primary leadership of the organization and must be involved in the decision making, implementation and evaluation process of the organization.
  • Have an adult sponsor.

More Information

For additional Information regarding the application process, including how to submit, contact Maia Patterson at or 757-728-5225.